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Goddess On The Go: Detroit

Join us June 5, 2016  10:45am-5:30pm

The Next Detroit Goddess On The Go will be held at:

Pleasant Ridge Community Center (right next to Downtown Ferndale)

4 Ridge Road, Pleasant Ridge 48069


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Meet Our Speakers!


The Not So Spiritual Road to Enlightenment with Jenn Lederer 

Is the road to enlightenment supposed to feel, well…enlightened? In a word – Nope! Are you ready to stop striving for “perfection” in an imperfect world? In this workshop Jenn shares her story of how (through MANY ups & downs) she came to find herself owning her POWER as a Leadership & Career Coach, Motivational Speaker and Host of the satirical web-series: Weekly Alignment. When you learn to embrace your imperfections and use them as FUEL towards success, you can sit back and watch the magic unfold. Learn how YOU can begin to step into YOUR power, be seen as a leader and create a lasting IMPACT in your world through laughter, clarity…and embracing the permission to be HUMAN!

Jenn Lederer is a Leadership and Impact Coach, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Host of the web series: Weekly Alignment. Jenn’s home-base is NYC where she works with Creative Entrepreneurs, Artists, Writers and Innovators from all over the world to EXPAND their message towards a broader audience base by stepping into a new level of Leadership. Jenn shows you how to create a lasting IMPACT through your work in the world while creating a foundation for you to grow to new heights again and again.

Jenn earned a BA in Dance and a minor in Business from Point Park University. Her passion for creativity and the arts is a driving force behind her work, message and overall way of life. Jenn moved to NYC as a dancer and after about a year of performing found herself transitioning to the other side of the industry, eventually becoming President and COO of a Talent Management company for 5 years, representing actors for Film,TV and Theatre. Jenn has now successfully infused her worlds of performance and coaching, working with 1:1 VIP clients, Keynote Speaking and Hosting. She uses her creativity, business savvy and marketing techniques to help her clients make a big impact in the world while staying connected to the power of creativity and laughter. It’s time you stop playing small, and allow yourself to be SEEN. Connect with Jenn on any of the usual social media suspects @JennLederer. Learn more about Jenn at JennLederer.com


The Fountain Of You-th with Sokhna Heathyre Sokhna


An empowered and creative woman knows:  her creativity and her fertility are of the same essence.  We as humans are intrinsically wired to create ~ the most sexy thing we do makes babies!  Our creativity is a complex matrix of our thoughts, health and will.
To become a divine creatrix we must examine our areas of strength and weakness, unify our bodymind and commit to our power.  Perhaps you have noticed that when we feel lazy nothing is accomplished and our feelings descend from elation to suffering.
Sokhna Heathyre is a mother, Yogini of over 20 years, herbalist, doula and midwife.  As an artist she has toured the world as choreographer and vocalist.  Every aspect of Sokhna’s creative discovery and presentation has come from exploring and using her body ~ from writing to performing, from yogic study to making babies.   Sokhna will work with you to embody and prosper the creativity within you, as you are your own fertile source.


Goddess Life Burlesque with Melissa Mylitta 


Goddess Life Burlesque is a dance class and more! It is a place to learn the art of classic burlesque dance moves and choreography, learn sexy stretches, and empower your most body positive affirmations! But, most importantly, it is a place for women to come to celebrate their curves, restore healthy relationship to their form and relax inside of their sensuality. It is an invitation to explore areas of expression, flirty, fiery, sensual or downright dirty! All of these aspects of our sexual nature are wholesome and welcome in the space of GoddeLife Burlesque with Mylitta!

“My mom says I ‘came out dancing’ ! It must be true… I entered the world feet first, and can not remember a time when I did not love to dance! For sure, in my adult life, fitness, dance and the healing arts have been the focus of my personal and professional development. In 1994, while working for the U.S. Air Force as a Project Manager and moonlighting as a Step Aerobics Instructor, I stumbled across Belly Dance at a local book store. I will never forget the enchanted feeling as I was called to the back of the store by sounds of exotic music and feminine laughter.

As I pulled back the beaded curtain, I was literally transported into a world of Feminine Dance and Spirituality. While exploring the art of Belly Dance along side my studies of Feminine Spirituality and Healing Arts, I awoke the Goddess Within! In 2000 I retired from my Government job to pursue a professional life of Healing and Performing Arts.

For the past decade (plus) I have woven together my work as a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, Shaman, Dancer, Yogini and Priestess, to create movement classes that are holistic, sexy, uplifting and fun! Honoring the Goddess in each woman is an honor and a joy! I am so excited to bring my work as a GoddessLife Certified Burlesque Instructor to One Spirit Dance and Fitness”- Melissa (Mylitta) Benajmin


as necessary. Please bring a pair of

Spoken Word By Ber-henda Williams



 Ber-Henda Williams is someone who lives her life in color. The Wayne State University graduate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Minor in International Marketing. Bilingual for more than 10 years, the femolutionary poet, teacher, author, television and film producer, youth advocate and public speaker lives according to her name’s Germanic-Greek origin, “The Bear Hearted Protector” of multiculturalism, art and womanhood.

Williams, also has several media credits that include her works as host for CST Radio The Honey B Chronicles, a CW 50 Community Correspondent, Poetry, Pages, and Scribes Co-Producer for Channel 15 and consultant for the spoken word documentary, Televising a Revolution of Spoken Word in Detroit. 

She has served as host, coordinator and marketing professional for innumerable cultural enrichment events, including her involvement as program consultant and Mistress of Ceremonies for the Pretty Brown Girl Movement at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. One of her proudest accomplishments is as founder and former host of Poetry, Pages & Scribes, a monthly multicultural poetry series that began at Starbucks and tripled its followers and found a home at Southfield Public Library. Poetry, Pages & Scribes was one the most popular poetry series in metro Detroit, having given an open platform for local and national poets, storytellers, writers and musicians to share their works. Poetry, Pages and Scribes was recognized by the City of Southfield Chamber of Commerce in 2011.

In June, 2011, Ber-Henda sponsored the first annual Power of Girlhood Meet Up, a full day of celebratory and empowering programs, performances, vendors and activities. More than 200 girls and their families participated. The Power of Girlhood hosts workshops and girlhood events throughout the metro-Detroit area and has a residency at various schools.

Art is life for Ber-Henda. For more information log on to www.ber-henda.com



Spread Your Wings-A Spiritual Experience Through Sound Healing with Donatello Moltisanti

donatellasoundhealing“Donatella will walk you into the labyrinth of your being through the magic of poetry and sound. Her sound Healing concerts are mesmerizing and intriguing. When you are immersed in the magic of the harmonics of her voice, you start to travel far and large into the meanders of your Infinite Being. The energy in the room embodies the highest level of Healing and all that needs to be known comes through your mind effortlessly, and all that needs to go, goes effortlessly. This experience will leave you speechlessly Divine. “

When Donatella sings or chants it is very common for people to have powerful and instantaneous breakthroughs. She uses her voice to help her clients reach Personal Balance, Self Love and Inner Integration of their Human and Divine nature. Her background as a Musician, Teacher, Holistic Counselor and Nutritionist allows her to connect, understand and guide her clients in a multifaceted, direct, truthful and delicate way.

Her goal is to bring Vitality and Spirit back into one’s Heart and Soul.











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