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Goddess On The Go: Detroit

Join us August 10th, 2014  10:45am-5:30pm

Rustbelt Market   22801 Woodward  Ferndale, MI 48220

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Soul Dive with Cora Poage



Has “surface living” started to feel stifling and empty. Relationships, your job, the lifestyle you currently live. Maybe you know you have a big life purpose but don’t know how to get ther? Are you yearning for deeper more intimate and loving relationship with yourself .  Maybe you are ready to finally see into being the dreams and desires that you have hidden or felt shame around, but HOW? You may have been living with your Ego in charge. This doesn’t serve you anymore. No one is meant to experience this life alone.  We will take a journey into where your souls passion is calling you. You will tap into strength, courage, and resilience you never knew you possessed! Let’s Soul Dive together.

Sensual Powerful You! Open The Feminine Pathway to Vibrant Living with Anita Teresa

anita-teresaAnita Teresa, founder of SOMA Wellness Arts and the Embodied Femme Salon, presents a dynamic experiential workshop which will allow you to powerfully open and express your feminine life-force energy and surrender to your fullest self-expression. Many women have been conditioned to feel shame around their sensuality and sexual energy, yet it is the “well-spring” from which everything else arises. This workshop will give you powerful tools and practices you can use in a safe and empowering community to break free from repressive conditioning, shame, and habitual self-sabotage around your sensual power. By participating fully in this experiential workshop, you will reclaim your sexual energy, step into your power as a creator, and bloom into the expression of womanhood you were meant to experience!

Anita Teresa is a visual & performance artist and the founder of SOMA Wellness Arts, providing group and private sessions in integrative health, embodiment, and healing. She spent ten years studying and training with a variety of female masters of esoteric and feminine-centered traditions and knowledge systems. Anita initiated the Embodied Femme Salon as a result of intense dialogues with other women who were making the same or similar discoveries about the nature of the New Feminine Paradigm. Her passion is to share her wealth of feminine knowledge systems and explore with other women how we can integrate our multi-faceted expression for the good of all in an ever-intensifying global context of emerging feminine leadership. www.somawellnessarts.com


Become Feng Shui Fierce with Katherine Royal MacKinnon

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Your home is the first thing you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed. The energy that we hold in this space is

important to manifest luscious love, our deepest dreams and desires. Together we will explore how feng shui can create clarity in all areas of our life and attract the things we truly want. Do you you want to know how to manifest love in your home, where your money corner is and how to nurture your health? At Goddess On The Go we will get Feng Shui fierce tips to learn just how to have this!


Sensual Groove with expert Mehmuna Jackson


This class will consist of 45 mins of awakening the kundalini, as well as the seven chakras. We will begin with simple breathing techniques to warm the body and stimulate the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. We will add slow hip movements to open the three lower chakras and activate the spine. Next, along with music, participants will learn a series of sensual movements; standing up, and on the floor, which will connect them to their life-force, and will allow them the opportunity to tap deep into their source of sexual power. At the end of the session, guests who fully engage in the exercises will feel a sense of open-heartedness, self-awareness, and self- empowerment.  



Mehmuna is a native Detroiter and has been dancing since the age of 12. Mehmuna has been technically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz, but she has choreographed dance pieces in an array of dance genres including, tango, ballroom, Hawaiian, salsa and hip-hop. Moreover, she has traveled the globe and has studied the techniques and historical lineage of traditional West African dance in Benin, Senegal, and Ghana as well as Middle Eastern dance in Egypt.


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